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Who Buys

Do you want to buy a house now?

Your dream of buying a house can come true thanks to 5 basic steps.

1 - Financial Check-Up: an informative meeting with the financial advisor who, in the agency or by video call, will carry out a free interview and will show you the various types of financing.

This step is of fundamental importance, given the sudden changes in the market.

If, on the other hand, you have already been to the bank, get a "pre-release mortgage". This is a free declaration that many banks make, with which they confirm to you in writing, the amount you can be financed. The amount that can be financed does not depend on the property you choose but exclusively on your income.   

2 - Definition of the property: the real estate agent will ask you a series of questions in order to try to understand the basic needs of the requested property. Through these questions, we will select only the properties that are relevant to the request and appropriate to the maximum sustainable expenditure.   

3 - View of the property: the real estate agent will show the selected properties to the buyers and, if interested, will hand over all the documentation after the visits.

The first visit is always free of charge and is in the presence of the agent who follows the property for sale, who has spoken several times with the sellers and can give all the detailed information.

Therefore, it is essential already at the first visit, the presence of all the people who will have to make the decision to buy.  A "visit sheet" will be signed before the visit.

In the case of old buildings and with installations to be rebuilt, the presence of a company or technician expert in renovations is necessary at the first visit.

At the end of the first 3 steps we have selected the property to buy

And now we move on to action:

4 - Purchase proposal/Preliminary sale: yousign a purchase proposal/preliminary sale proposal. The purchase proposal is used to make a concrete offer to the seller who can examine for a certain period of time (usually 7/10 days) the conditions under which the potential buyer will buy the property (price, method of payment and date of deed). The purchase proposal is presented to the seller together with a cheque as a "deposit". Upon acceptance of the purchase proposal and consequent withdrawal of the deposit, the deal is concluded. At that point the commission is paid to the real estate agent and the contract isre gistered with the Inland Revenue.

Please note: the purchase proposal is not bound or conditioned in any case to the payment of the loan. Therefore, you must first check with your bank to ensure the feasibility of the transaction.

5 - Notarial deed: Sellers and buyers are accompanied by the real estate agent who has taken care of the dossier. On that date, the buyer willpay the agreed payment (minus the amount paid for the deposit) and the seller must hand over the keys to the property. When the deed is signed, the bank will also intervene, if you have decided to take advantage of a loan.

From the day the deed is signed, you, the buyer, become the owner of the property.

And at this point... welcome to your new house!!!!