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You want to sell the house?  We have a fool proof method!

If you had, a safe and proven method, to get the most out of selling your house... would you use it ????

Thanks to the ACTIVE MARKETING we do, we are able to find the customer for your home. How do wefind a buyer for yourproperty ?

We go looking for him...we don'twait for him to come to us !!!

Did you think that in today's real estate market, ads on the internet and a sign were enough?

Are you satisfied with what you have done so far to sell your property?

We operate in a clear and clear way by following these three simple rules:

We will constantly update you on any changes in the market to minimize economic losses.

Once found the customer, the same will be pre-qualified financially by our credit broker, to understand the real economic potential, so as to defend the PRIVACY of your family and show the property exclusively to people really interested and motivated to purchase in a short time.  NO MORE CURIOUS PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE!

For your safety, we also make sure of those who enter your home by asking to see an identity document and having them sign a "visit sheet". With a few selected visits we will find the right buyer, without wasting time. NO MORE STRANGERS IN THE HOUSE!

We'll handle all the red tape involved in the sale. We will draw up the possible "proposal of purchase / preliminary contract", follow the financing of the buyer and deliver all the documentation to the notary for the stipulation of the deed.

Here we are, we won't waste your time and we'll serve you the sale on a silver platter. The burden remains for you to sign the deed and collect the cash!

See what I said?

With SPAZIO CASA selling house is SIMPLE!

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